Do You Long To Be Free From The Past And Embrace Your Future?

Are Painful Memories Preventing You From Living Your Life Fully?

Have You Tried Therapy Before To No Avail?

The EMDR Institute of Israel for Stress and Trauma Relief

Is a traumatic event in your life chaining you down? Do you feel that painful memories are influencing you in the present and pulling you back into the past? Are you prevented from embracing yourself or those around you? Does anxiety or depression get in your way and prevent you from functioning to your full potential? Have you tried therapy before to little or no avail?

The EMDR institute of Israel may be able to help. By providing a powerful method of therapy the EMDR Institute of Israel can effectively free one from the chains of either traumatic events or painful experiences without the need for prolonged and sometimes painful processes that other forms of therapy often involve.

EMDR is known around the world as being a kind, client-centered therapy. EMDR has been proven effective in providing very rapid relief without requiring one to relive traumatic or painful life events in order to treat their effects.

The EMDR Institute of Israel specializes in assisting individuals to fully embrace the present, anticipate the future and empowers them to reach their true potential. Our staff of skilled, sensitive therapists is ready to help.

The EMDR Institute of Israel is committed to the highest standards of evidence-based psychotherapy, quality training, and cutting-edge research. The institute was founded by Dr. Gary Quinn, who is the Director of the Jerusalem Stress and Trauma Institute and lectures worldwide on EMDR therapy and trains therapists in its methodology.

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EMDR therapists do not control the patient but work with him. I was amazed to find that in ...
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