leftAs someone with OCD, I have experienced the torment of having incessant painful thoughts that do not go away. The thoughts were intensely oppressive and often would portray me in a negative light. All though I know that the thoughts were not the truth about who i am my mind often didn’t seem to have the strength on its own to ward them off. When in the midst of an episode I would try to logically dispel the harrowing thoughts in the hopes of persuading myself that the fear these thoughts caused me to feel makes no sense, and therefore I should just forget about it. But that tactic usually didn’t work for no matter how much i understood the reality the fear was all to real. What compounded my anguish further was the idea that these thoughts or feelings would never go way, and that every day of my life I would continue to suffer.
In my attempt to find relief I have tried medication in addition to different forms of therapy with mixed success. Less than a year ago, I went for the first time to an EMDR therapist. In my first visit I felt understood and that the therapist had a good grasp of my issue. We quickly began EMDR treatment. After a just a couple of EMDR therapy sessions my obsessions completely remitted, and I was able to feel good again. While I realize that from time to time my obsessions may reoccur, I am relieved to know that EMDR can help me again, if need be. I highly recommend EMDR to anyone who suffers from OCD.

left Over the course of many years I had been in a number of different types of therapy primarily for anxiety. Following treatment I had been what would probably be considered a fairly successful CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) client. My anxiety, for the most part, was under control. I was consistently able to win the fights with my negative self-beliefs such as lack of self-worth or self-doubt, usually within second or moments and successfully return a sufficient state of calm which allowed me to function fairly well. However, in retrospect, I realize that I had been fighting the battles (albeit successfully) on a daily basis. Though I had known the truth in my head, my heart was a different matter. The lies still “felt” true. It was exhausting.

So I tried EMDR. After several EMDR sessions the “demons” were gone! After these sessions my wife commented that I seemed like a new person. Today I no longer need to fight the battles.

It has now been years since those amazing and enlightening EMDR sessions and not only have the effects not dissipated, they have gotten stronger. I find myself meeting new and varied challenges without a trace of the demons. Thank you so much for introducing me to this powerful therapy.

leftI have referred numerous clients to Dr. Quinn particularly those with issues such as dual diagnoses, personality disorders and complex trauma. He is a uniquely talented clinician and has successfully treated these patients.
Dr Quinn always approaches each person with a unique competence, compassion and effectiveness; as a psychiatrist and therapist, he is exemplary in both his ability to diagnose and treat. Dr. Quinn’s extensive mastery of EMDR is coupled with his knowledge and expertise in other forms of psychotherapy. He demonstrated flexibility and openness to use the optimal treatment method that results in a most effective resolution of the presenting problem. B.H. – Social worker and therapist

leftThe traumatic and unpleasant memories felt like they were behind and iron curtain and were hard to get to. After EMDR I have stopped reliving the memories and they are not as painful anymore.

leftI would recommend this therapy for anyone with past traumas and troubling memories

leftI was amazed that after years of working with a psychologist doing different emotional talk therapies things stayed the same, but after only a few sessions of EMDR I got new clear insights and strengths to actually overcome the traumas of the past

leftTwo years ago i was diagnosed with a rare disease. This disease is very similar to the disease my late father struggled with for most of his life and i witnessed him going through day’s filled with difficulties and pain. At the mere mention of the name of my fathers disease I would experience severe anxiety and it began to make my life very difficult to live.
To cope with the disease and to try to break away from the anxieties that attacked me I sought the help of EMDR therapy. After one treatment with EMDR I saw significant improvement. After the second treatment the anxiety disappeared.

Today I’m dealing with the disease and when I hear the name of my father’s illness, or when I see a person suffering from the same disease i experience no anxiety. EMDR therapists do not control the patient but work with him. I was amazed to find that in a short period of treatment I was freed from anxiety.

leftSince I was young I suffered from depression, anxiety, angry outbursts, and self-loathing. In addition, I found it hard to carry through and persevere with activities and projects, to carry out tasks precisely and efficiently, and to do things “like everyone else does.” As an adult, I tried to deal with these difficulties through conventional psychotherapy and medication, but without success. I was diagnosed at a late age with ADHD, but the treatments that helped me with this problem were not sufficient, because I was not able to stick with them over the long term.

Treatment with EMDR succeeded where others had failed because it does not require independent work at home or basic and deep psychological analysis, but rather intensive in-session emotional work on the experiences that caused my difficulties. In just a short time I succeeded in responding completely differently to day-to-day pressures – liberated from the burdens of the past, optimistic and practical. Today my functioning is much better and as a result I feel pleasure and satisfaction in my work, family, and leisure activities.